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The Future of Team Coaching

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One team, one operational goal,
4 months

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    Understand your team profile

    Our tools allow you to understand the emotional profile of your team, assess the well-being of all members, the relationship dynamics and possible areas of improvement

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    Set up your operational goal

    Here are some examples:
    How to on to your soul and your corporate culture in a context of hyper growth? How to recreate a bond within hybrid teams? How to strengthen the employee motivation and mobilization and mobilization after the Covid chaotic chapter? How to create a bond of trust between a manager and his team?

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    Choice of the best certified coach according to the objective

    Our coaches are certified and specialized in collective support. We assign the most suitable coach according to the chosen objective.

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    Re-energize your team

    Our program combines physical, mental, neuroscience activities with coaching. It aims at strengthening cohesiveness and developing the collective intelligence of the team

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    Develop your skills through online modules

    Find online content and exercices to develop your emotional and collective intelligence skills

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    Measure impact throughout the program and after

    Our tools allow you to track the well-being of the team.

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Here are some examples:

  • Scale-up


    Stay true to your corporate culture in a context of hyper growth

  • Luxury


    How to boost motivation and engagement after a turbulent context linked to Covid?

  • Consulting


    How to improve each of your team-members' engagement ? How to understand, engage and manage Millennials?

  • Car manufacturing

    Car manufacturing

    How to create a more human leadership? How to develop and maintain the alignment and cohesiveness of the Management Committee in a hybrid context? How to promote agility and commitment in a context of reorganization?

  • Tech


    How to improve relationships within your hybrid team ?

  • Communication agency

    Communication agency

    How to help the team in resolving internal conflicts?

  • E-commerce


    How to restore trust between a manager and his team?

  • Recreation Park

    Recreation Park

    How to reduce psychosocial risks within a team of managers under stress (uncertain economic context)?

  • * Source: Diffusis barometer carried out online by Diffusis France for Upfeel between 11 and 18 June among a sample of 1,359 people representative of the French national population according to the quota method

The business world is going through a phase of profound change accelerated by the pandemic. Prevention and protection against psychosocial risks has never been so important.

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