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The founders

Santiago's journey began in sunny Havana, while Emilie and Jonathan grew up in the suburbs of Paris.

Emilie is a marketing expert and passionate about emotional intelligence. She spent her career in major entertainment and audiovisual groups. Santiago performed as a dancer on the biggest stages in the world, and worked also as a producer and artistic director. Jonathan became a successful entrepreneur in new technologies.

What brought us together is the deep conviction that there is great beauty in imperfection. Society too often asks us to play a role by showing only our smoother side.

We are inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. According to this philosophy, harmony resides in authenticity, spontaneity as well as accepting imperfection, uncertainty and change.

Ultimately, it allows you to better reconnect with yourself and with others.

Japanese wisdom teaches us to listen to our raw emotions to better build together the projects of tomorrow.


The team

Jonathan Ferrebeuf <span>CEO <br>& Cofounder</span>

Jonathan Ferrebeuf

& Cofounder
Emilie Alaoui <span>VP Emotions<br>& Cofounder</span>

Emilie Alaoui

VP Emotions
& Cofounder
Santiago Herrera <span>VP Experiences &<br>Cofounder</span>

Santiago Herrera

VP Experiences &
Antoine Monnet CTO

Antoine Monnet

Coralie Robin <span>HR and Leadership<br>Expert</span>

Coralie Robin

HR and Leadership
Bernard Anselem Doctor in medicine, Master in neuropsychology, Writer and Lecturer, Tedx Speaker

Bernard Anselem

Doctor in medicine, Master in neuropsychology, Writer and Lecturer, Tedx Speaker

Some of our experts

Hinho Hinho
Karine Karine
Rafa Rafa
Virginie Virginie
Valérie Valérie

&the best coaches across Europe...

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Our values

Dare to believe

Dare to believe

The highest barriers are in the head. We dedicate all our energy to create a truly unique platform.

Develop human beings through technology

Develop human beings through technology

Emotions are our raw material; we use technology to help you share them and turn them into forces.

Be authentic

Be authentic

We must live up to the trust you place in us; our corporate culture is based on sincerity and empathy. It is by embodying these values every day that we can be worthy of your trust.

Share emotions

Share emotions

We believe that the best way to create connections and learn is through pleasure. The pleasure of living a unique experience in a group, the pleasure of discovering inspiring personalities…

Think big! Vamos!

Think big! Vamos!

It all started with a vision of a global company that would contribute to the mental and physical well-being of millions of employees around the world; one step at a time, we are moving confidently and energetically towards that goal.

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"Upfeel really helped creating the inclusion, collaboration and team bonding that we were looking for. Great job Upfeel !"

Carl Tanner,
Google Cloud Training Business Leader