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enhancing your well-being

What do Namibia (a boxer in Cuba), your colleagues and yourself have in common? You are all very different from each others. Nevertheless, you are all challenged by your emotions and regularly confronted with limiting beliefs: you will not succeed because you are too..., not enough...

Your emotions can either be your ennemies and act as blockers, or wonderful energy boosters and management tools.

Through our unique approach, you'll train, in group or individually, while having fun.

If you want to go deeper in the understanding of your emotions, our curated psychologists and coaches are here to assist you in full confidentiality.

We'll provide you with the keys to make your emotions the engine to your success and well-being.

Employee issues we address

of employees

consider that the pandemic has had a direct impact on their mental, emotional and physical health*

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have become aware of the impact of the group on their well-being and motivation

of employees

consider their company influences their well-being