Boosting engagement, cohesiveness and well-being within your team

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One team, one operational goal,
4 months

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    Understand your team profile

    Our tools allow you to understand the emotional profil of your team, assess the well-being of all members, relationship dynamics and possible areas for improvement

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    Set up your operational goal

    Here are some examples:
    How to keep your soul and your corporate culture in a context of hyper growth? How to recreate the link on hybrid teams? How to strengthen the motivation and mobilization of employees after a turbulent context linked to the Covid? How to create a bond of trust between a manager and his team?

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    Choice of the best certified coach according to the objective

    Our coaches are certified and specialized in collective support. We assign the most suitable coach according to the chosen objective.

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    Re-energize your team

    Our program combines physical, mental, neuroscience activities with coaching. It aims at strengthening cohesiveness and developing the collective intelligence of the team

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    Develop your skills through online modules

    Find online content and exercices to develop your emotional and collective intelligence skills

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    Measure impact throughout the program and after

    Our tools allow you to track the well-being of the team.

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of employees

consider that the pandemic has had a direct impact on their mental, emotional and physical health*

of employees

have become aware of the impact of the group on their well-being and motivation

of employees

consider their company influences their well-being


Our experienced and certified coaches and therapists are dedicated to your well-being


Do you want to offer individual support to your employees?

Individual support can be complementary to group support.
We are convinced that your emotional well-being deserves the best local support.
That's why we partner with therapists and certified coaches in your city.
You can book face to face or virtual consultations.

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