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A rich and unique training program

Apprehend emotional intelligence via 3 complementary bricks focusing on experience and entertainment

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Our clients, large groups and startups say it best.

Our clients, large groups and startups say it best.

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Human resources,

Here are the challenges we help you face:

  • Commitment, motivation and loyalty difficulties due to a lack of informal get together and in person connections among team members

  • Help your employees adapt to the new hybrid ways of working

  • Poor uptake of previously implemented prevention solutions

  • Difficulty to maintain the company culture and values

  • Shifting employee expectations: 76% consider their company has a role to play in their physical, mental and emotional well-being*

  • * Source: Diffusis barometer carried out online by Diffusis France for Upfeel between 11 and 18 June among a sample of 1,359 people representative of the French national population according to the quota method

The business world is going through a phase of profound change accelerated by the pandemic. Prevention and protection against psychosocial risks has never been so important.

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Innovative and unique approach

  • Entertainment

    Upfeel US and Upfeel ME bricks are produced with the same high standards as TV series

  • Experience

    Our users travel with us and develop their emotional intelligence skills while having fun

  • Emotion

    Emotions should no longer remain at the door of companies; they are very efficient energy tools leading to success

  • Scientific expertise

    Our approach is validated by the leading experts in Emotional Intelligence

  • Highest standards

    All our experts and speakers (psychologists, coaches, etc.) are selected with the greatest care. They are all experienced and have recognized training in their field

  • Empathy

    When it comes to emotions, the first step is to welcome them without judgement and with kindness; we help you to spread this empathy in your organisations

People won't remember what you said or did to them, but they will always remember how they felt when you were there.

-Maya Angelou-
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What is Emotional Development ?

Why are emotions crucial in your organisation?

Emotions are usually not welcomed in the professional world: they are often considered as a sign of weakness.

We are emotional beings and it is pointless to deny this biological reality. Behind every emotion, there is a need. And these needs shape us and guide our behaviour.

Emotions are necessary for our survival. When we listen to them and understand them, they are a formidable source of creative energy and well-being, both individually and collectively.

Emotional development is the path that we suggest you take, through our experiences. Over time, as a team and individually, we will teach you to understand your emotions, to name them and to accept them.

Our mission is to make them your greatest allies.