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Here are some examples:

  • Scale-up

    Stay true to your corporate culture in a context of hyper growth

  • Luxury

    How to boost motivation and engagement after a turbulent context linked to Covid?

  • Consulting

    How to improve each of your team-members' engagement ? How to understand, engage and manage Millennials?

  • Car manufacturing

    How to create a more human leadership? How to develop and maintain the alignment and cohesion of the Management Committee in a hybrid context? How to promote agility and commitment in a context of reorganization?

  • Tech

    How to improve relationships within your hybrid team ?

  • Communication agency

    How to help the team in resolving internal conflicts?

  • E-commerce

    How to restore trust between a manager and his team?

  • Recreation Park

    How to reduce psychosocial risks within a team of managers under stress (uncertain economic context)?

  • * Microsoft Work Trend Index - 2021<br/> ** Future of work (BCG x ANDRH) - March 2022<br/> ** Diffusis barometer Diffusis France x Upfeel - juin 2021

The business world is going through a phase of profound change accelerated by the pandemic. Prevention and protection against psychosocial risks has never been so important.

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  • Collective approach

    The advantages of collective coaching are numerous: economy of scale, fast impact and collaboration enabling

  • FACE to face and digital

    Our program consists in a mix of face to face and digital sessions to maximize impact while being easy to follow for every participant

  • Choice of the best coach

    Our coaches are all certified and specialized in collective coaching (collective intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership, etc.)

  • Fun and insightful

    Pleasure is at the center of our approach. We also believe in mixing theory and experience to maximize cohesion while developing collective and emotional intelligence within teams

  • Scientific approach

    Our program has been co-developed with renowned neuroscientists and HR experts

People won't remember what you said or did to them, but they will always remember how they felt when you were there.

-Maya Angelou-
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Our clients, large groups and startups say it best.

Our clients, large groups and startups say it best.

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