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Whether on a one-off basis or all year round, our intelligent team building activities provide your teams with unforgettable moments of fun and learning

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  • Collective approach

    The advantages of collective coaching are numerous: economy of scale, fast impact and collaboration enabling

  • FACE to face and digital

    Our program consists in a mix of face to face and digital sessions to maximize impact while being easy to follow for every participant

  • Choice of the best coach

    Our coaches are all certified and specialized in collective coaching (collective intelligence, emotional intelligence, leadership, etc.)

  • Fun and insightful

    Pleasure is at the center of our approach. We also believe in mixing theory and experience to maximize cohesion while developing collective and emotional intelligence within teams

  • Scientific approach

    Our program has been co-developed with renowned neuroscientists and HR experts


People won't remember what you said or did to them, but they will always remember how they felt when you were there.

-Maya Angelou-
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"Upfeel really helped creating the inclusion, collaboration and team bonding that we were looking for. Great job Upfeel !"

Carl Tanner,
Google Cloud Training Business Leader EMEA